"Of all the world's beautiful islands, she reigns supreme - Palawan."

-Pat Bagano, Digital Marketing

About Palawan

Undeniably among the few islands on earth deserving to be called "paradise" there is more to Palawan than meets the touristic eyes. Dig deeper into the values, traditions and culture of Palawan. PalawanBlogger.com is your ultimate online guide!


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Puerto Princesa

Being the hub for all island destinations and commerce in the province. PalawanBlogger.com offers the latest (only good) news about Puerto Princesa and unbiased opinion on attractions, accommodations, food and dining.


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About Me

Your average geek who spends about 16 hours daily in front of the computer. PalawanBlogger.com is my way of giving back to my home.
Her majesty, queen of all paradise - PALAWAN!

Who am I?

I am an internet marketing specialist who is behind many successful online projects by many small scale businesses globally. From Palawan, in Palawan and Proud to be a local.

About PalawanBlogger

Warning / Disclaimer

There are so many travel blogs and online magazines about Palawan out there. While others have dreams of fulfilling their journalism "fame" through their blogs, I don't. I am not a journalist and the opinions expressed in this blog are through my personal experiences or imaginings.

You may like or dislike my opinions. You may agree or disagree to some (or all) of the information you find here. I want to say I would love to hear about negative reactions, but I am seriously busy to give a shit about any of that. Oh yeah, there might be curse words in my materials, if you are too sensitive, please leave now: Click here to go back to Google.

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Being a Palaweño (local term for locals from Palawan), does not mean that you have explored this island. Although Port ...
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Sabang Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour

Photo Source I don’t understand why so many visitors of The Underground River do not consider staying at Sabang for ...
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Ugong Rock Adventures – Worth It or Not?

Ugong Rock is usually a stop-over when going to The Underground River. It is a 75 feet limestone formation great ...
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Things to Know About Underground River Puerto Princesa Tour Rates

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The RANT of August

On Palawan Articles and My Perpetual Predicament in Writing a Travel Blog Besides Palawan Blogger, I write about SEO, Content ...
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Traveling to El Nido Palawan on Budget

El Nido Palawan rose to global popularity in the recent years. What once was a town with seldom visitors boomed ...
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The Outlandish Lato is Simply Delicious

Some call it strange, odd, bizarre and weird. Lato is a popular seaweed not only in Palawan, I have seen ...
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palawan tricycles

Palawan Tricycles: More Than Transportation

In design, Palawan tricycles are unique compared to the usual tricycle designs found in other towns of the Philippines. Yet ...
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Palawan’s Tamilok Is Not a Bizarre Delicacy

Maybe not Bizarre for me The word tamilok evokes a fear factor kind of reaction from locals and international tourists ...
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Puerto Princesa

What Makes Puerto Princesa Unique

Puerto Princesa Living and Lifestyle Puerto Princesa City, my home. I have travelled and lived elsewhere, yet my body and ...
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