About Palawan Blogger


PalawanBlogger.com aims to provide relevant, useful and entertaining digital magazine for Palawan.

I hate static websites. I think there is so much more we can tell the world about Palawan using blogging as the platform. This site only serves content about relevant travel news, stories and useful tips when traveling to Palawan.

Who am I?

My name is Pat, I am known for failing so many things in life, my specialty is failing startups. However, I am hoping not to fail this one.

Palawan Blogger is a new venture I wish to establish with a friend who is a tour guide. He can lead you to places in Palawan without having to go through the usual tourist routines and fixed agency tours.

Why on earth do I want to blog about Palawan?

Because I was born here and currently based here. Blogging is one of my “almost-forgotten-passions”. I’m constantly amazed how blogging bridge the gaps between people sharing the same interests. My main job has something to do with content marketing and SEO. Check out PatBagano.com.

I’ve done a little traveling myself and knows exactly how most people feel when visiting new places.

Exploring Palawan does not have to be expensive or chaotic

I’ve met a lot of tourists who complain about how inconvenient traveling around this island is. I cannot blame them, without a guide, it can be quite a challenge.

This blog wishes to help save you from the chaos by learning from a local’s point of view.

I am not affiliated with any travel agency

I do this on my own, probably going to need plenty of help from a friend who is a tour guide. I am thinking of making him an editor of the site, but that is after I finish teaching him tips and tricks in blogging (the technical part of it).

Fun, fun and more fun

That is ultimately the aim of this blog, to bring fun and only relevant information about Palawan to you. Maybe one day you will come for a visit, at least you already know a bit about it.

We also just want to have fun and share our interesting travel experiences to you.