About Palawan

It’s rainy Palawan August day and last night I just convinced Rich of mazzara.org to get me PalawanBlogger.com domain name, that’s after over a week of bitching around. He is a friend of mine who probably knows Pat’s psychology more than anyone, I hope.

I woke up excited to write about the static pages of the blog although the domain is still in the global propagation stage. I am just excited about this startup more than anything.

Just write about Palawan, (you are getting off the topic)

Oh yeah, the reason I am writing this about page this way is because I don’t want to sound wiki-like or a high school paper. I googled the term “Palawan” and I was sent to web pages bombarded with ads! Geesh!

One more thing, everyone is the official site. There is this one who claims to be an official site, I will not mention the URL, who is officially a bad grammar and wrong information site.

Do people read that? Or they only do because they have no choice, besides it is the first page of Google so they must be getting a lot of hits. One more thing, I don’t think whoever made some of those websites were from here, or have been here. Some things I read are just total BS, misleading or lacking some important information.

So I thought I will write my static page about Palawan in a conversational way. Makes sense? I don’t think I do.

Palawan in my own words

It is this long strip of island in the western Philippines. In contrary to common belief, it is not really a small island. Probably small if you compare us to the Mainland Luzon. Here I snipped this from Wikipedia:


See that’s not small right? If you prefer to read the whole Wikipedia entry just follow this link.

Wait don’t leave me! I promise I have nutritious things to say about Palawan.

The reason I need to emphasize the size of the island is because I had friends who once visited from Thailand and UK, and they thought the land area was the same as the islands in Thailand wherein you can explore the whole island on a day tour. My friends love to drink, so do I, that’s why I think they were a bit confused.

No, it will take you days to travel from the northern tip of the island to the southern tip.

Coron and El Nido is at the Northern part, Bataraza and Balabac are towns at the southernmost tip. So don’t dream of doing a day trip coming from El Nido through Puerto Princesa and on the same day leave for Bataraza. That is total insanity.