About Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa In My Own Words

Puerto Princesa City is the capital city of the whole province of Palawan. Being the largest and most urbanized. Highly urbanized only in comparison to other towns within the province. I don’t like you commenting on this blog thinking I misled you.

Compared to Manila or Cebu, Puerto Princesa is in it’s infancy as a highly urbanized town. From the way I see it, the economy relies mostly on tourism, especially with the enlisting of St. Paul Subterranean River as the 7 wonders of nature.

Underground River came to global popularity, the impact on the tourism industry was made obvious by sudden rise of the number of hostels, hotels, guest houses and other types of accommodation. I can compare that to when I was younger but that would really make me feel ancient.

The city is beautiful and does offer a lot to someone who wish to explore it, beyond the intriguing Underground River, Puerto Princesa’s beaches, especially Honda Bay, is a place worth seeing.

I don’t want to talk much of the tourist attractions and Puerto Princesa lifestyle in this page, best reserve that on the blog where I can tackle each destination in details.

So to make it short, this is where you will most likely end up when you are travelling to Palawan, although there are other options if you want to be directly delivered to Coron or El Nido. Most people still prefer via Puerto Princesa. Honestly, why not?

It is worth seeing and exploring before you head to other interesting towns in the Province.