The RANT of August

On Palawan Articles and My Perpetual Predicament in Writing a Travel Blog

Traveling to El Nido Palawan on Budget

El Nido Palawan rose to global popularity in the recent years. What once was a town with seldom visi

The Outlandish Lato is Simply Delicious

Palawan’s lato is famous for being one of the best, because we have a variety that is more plump a

Palawan Tricycles: More Than Transportation

In design, Palawan tricycles are unique compared to the usual tricycle designs found in other towns

Palawan’s Tamilok Is Not a Bizarre Delicacy

The word tamilok evokes a fear factor kind of reaction from locals and international tourist. Noneth

What Makes Puerto Princesa Unique

Puerto Princesa City, my home. I have travelled and lived elsewhere, yet my body and mind seems to f