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Frequently Asked Questions About El Nido Palawan

We will try to answer every FAQ about El Nido Palawan. If you have some questions that you think must be in the list, please let me know. I am always in the mood to hunt for answers to deliver online. Note though that the way I would answer the FAQs on all of my posts under FAQ category will be according to my own words. The information is independent from any tourist agency, local government unit or organization and will be regularly updated. Lets go!

FAQ #1. How to get to El Nido Palawan?

By air and by land via Puerto Princesa.


By Air. You can travel direct from either Manila or Cebu to El Nido through AirSWIFT. El Nido’s Airport does not accommodate bigger airlines. So expect that direct flights will be a little more expensive. Nonetheless, if you can afford, it can offer you great convenience if you are not interested in stopping by Puerto Princesa.

By land via Puerto Princesa. The Puerto Princesa International Airport accommodates flights daily to and from several destinations in the country. Most flights are Manila and Cebu.

The airport is undergoing massive upgrade because it will soon open as a full-fledged international airport.

From Puerto Princesa Airport you can book a van to directly take you to El Nido. I think if you are taking Cebu Pacific, you can purchase a van ticket during the flight. The cabin crew will announce it. I know right? I flew from Cebu twice a few months ago and was shocked when they announced it during the flight.

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Note though that it might be because of the number of tourists arriving during that time because it was peak season. Nonetheless, it is easy to get a van directly from the airport. There are plenty of people yelling and screaming “El Nido sir, maam?” when you step out of the arrivals.

If you do not want the van, you can take the bus at the San Jose Bus Terminal. Check out Cherry Bus Palawan for their daily trips.

I snipped this from their website:

cherry snip

Another bus company with daily trips to El Nido is RoRo. I have taken this several times in the past and was rather okay. But I still prefer the tourist vans though. I cannot find their website and I cannot link to them, but found this amazing post by another blogger, check lakas.com’s post about RoRo.

If you have any concern that was not talked about regarding this FAQ, use the contact form to ask me directly. I usually reply immediately, no promises though.

FAQ #2. When is the best time to travel to El Nido Palawan?

Personally I suggest around February until first week of June. These are the sunniest months with calm waves. Thing is, if you go on a rainy season, you will have to wait for a good day to go island hopping and enjoy other outdoor beach activities.


FAQ #3. What is the ideal budget when going to El Nido Palawan?

This question is relative to your idea of vacation.

Accommodations range from no star to 5 stars. There are plenty of hostels around El Nido Town starting from roughly around $12/night a person to as high as few hundred bucks. It really depends on you. Something in between $40 to $100 can get you a decent room. By the beach.

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If you like to spend the day exploring and night drinking and just pass out on your room. Go for the lower rates.

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