Island Hopping in Port Barton

The entire island of Palawan is known for island hopping. I did not know what to expect, I was hoping for something similar to El Nido, Karst formations and lagoons to explore. Well I did not get that, but that does not mean I didn’t enjoy.

I took the Tour A, which brought us to German Island, Twin Reef, a lagoon I forgot the name and an island to eat our lunch at.


Well I did not bring any underwater camera, basically because I did not have an underwater camera, I need to consider getting one for my next travels. I pray to the gods of paychecks and freelance works to send more clients my way!

I booked my tour at the same restaurant, which I incorrectly named in my previous post as Kusina del Barrio whereas it should’ve been Kusinero del Barrio. The tour was P700 ($14 US) which is relatively cheap compared to an island hopping activity in Puerto Princesa and is in comparison with better activities but not offering the same experience as El Nido.


We saw one big turtle about meter in length who was feeding that time watched by a dozen tourists struggling reach the 12 or so feet depth to touch him. Well, the turtle seems to not mind and used to getting his pictures taken. It’s a good experience I guess for people who hasn’t seen exotic marine animals.

I feel though as if I have contributed to an activity that disturbs someone’s meal time. But that is just me, don’t mind my unstable emotions towards sentient beings.

The tour started at 9AM on top of the P700 you would be asked to purchase an eco-card for P50 that you would have to present every time you are going for an island tour. I shared the boat with a French girl, Noemie, a guy named Ben from Germany and brothers from Australia whose names I totally forgot. Well their company was great.

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Noemie was an awesome buddy who had a heart of an explorer much like mine when I was younger. Ben on the other hand, was a bit confusing for me but his relative innocence to the tropical life added fun. The Aussie brothers were the real party of the trip, one has been playful like a toddler and the other sparks exciting conversations about the world.


I wasn’t able to take much pictures this time, well my phone died halfway and I was meaning to ask some pics from Ben the German, which I reconsidered after the trip and let them all go their way.

It was fun! Island hopping in Port Barton is a “must experience,” although I still love El Nido when it comes to rock formations and beaches.

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