What Makes Puerto Princesa Unique

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Puerto Princesa City, my home. I have travelled and lived elsewhere, yet my body and mind seems to find no other comfort than that my hometown brings. I guess, it is the same for everyone, but I can truly boast that I live in a Paradise.

Puerto Princesa has this unique charm among the locals and I can say the same among the tourists who visit. I have talked to many who said, “if only they can just stay and live here.” A city within the paradise. It is slowly industrializing and population is getting larger yet still accessible to a lot of beautiful peaceful places in a matter of minutes.

What makes Puerto Princesa unique?


Photo: That’s my nephew Marion from the recent Binduyan overnight. 


Away from the chaos of mainland Luzon. Palawan is a long strip of island in the West Philippine Sea, stretching almost to Borneo, yet we are part of Luzon. Geographically speaking it is a bit confusing, but the Government, now and then, declares us as The Southern Tagalog Region.

Just an hour away from manila takes you here, no traffic, no factories and not densely populated.

Working and living in manila from 21 years old until I am about 27 got me praying, “If only Palawan can accommodate Business Process Outsourcing industry, it would be great.” My previous jobs were in call centers. I guess that prayer is to be answered but no longer for me, as my career has taken incoherent paths and dreams have changed, still holding on though.

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The booming economy of the city and conserved natural resources will definitely be even more recognized globally. As known tourism and hospitality brands begin to establish their businesses, it can only signal one thing, growth. I just hope that the efforts of the Government don’t falter in trying to conserve Puerto Princesa’s beauty.

Clean waters

A few minutes from almost everything can take you to a decent beach. A few hours will take you a breathtaking beach.

Puerto Princesa’s dive spots are world renowned. Because of the rich marine life, sightings of exotic sea creatures is a guaranteed treat for almost every kind diver. Got your PADI certification? There are plenty of dive shops offering PADI courses in town.


Laidback lifestyle

Puerto Princesa have a very laidback kind of lifestyle. While there are malls around the town proper and active commerce, the people are not as hurried and stressed compared to other industrialized cities. Tourists still love to explore the town proper by foot, which is really ideal. I love to explore around small towns by foot as well. Nonetheless, for those who prefer a scooter or a bike, the stretch of Rizal Avenue have several businesses offering bike rentals. Especially the avenue towards the airport just after the Junction from the Provincial Government building.

I know that my words are not enough to truly describe the beauty of Puerto Princesa, there are plenty of things that makes this town unique, but that is to see for yourself. Nonetheless, Palawan Blogger wish to deliver this in our future posts, please browse through our Puerto Princesa posts. I will try to offer individual post on just about anything Palawan. Hang in there.

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