Port Barton Can Capture Your Heart Because of These Things

IMG_20170223_164202Being a Palaweño (local term for locals from Palawan), does not mean that you have explored this island. Although Port Barton is  3 hours away from Puerto Princesa and transportation is not really expensive, like most locals, I have never really been here. I wish I can come back and bring my nieces and nephews soon, but I cannot do the much-needed-system restore my mind requires if brought them this time.

What really got me interested to come this time is from the things I heard from a previous short affair I had with a backpacker. I felt like he holds a better understanding of some places in my island, Palawan, than I do. After getting paid, last weekend I thought I will begin my nomadic expedition by spending for this trip, an early birthday present/discover if what he said was true.

…and on my fourth day, today, I am falling in love with this town. It may capture your heart as well because of the following reasons.

1. Peace and quiet beach town

Unlike El Nido, this is less party, a few bars open at night but you can find peaceful quiet spots to sit and start your musings about life almost anywhere by the beach. The electricity being available only hours from dusk until midnight creates a peaceful day time atmosphere. Although I would’ve loved if it is on for 24 hours, but that would also mean people playing loud music. This or that… I prefer this, I charged my laptop last night and when I wake up I have some good solid 4 hours of writing.

Internet can be a challenge, pick Globe (cellular sim) if you rely on the web as much as I do. Smart (network) does not work here, well it does but even its best signal won’t get you to open a webpage.

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Right this moment of writing, I am sitting by beach under a tree that I chose as my office while as I plan to read manuscripts pertaining to the nature of consciousness – for work research.


2. It isn’t expensive – food

Expensive is of course relative to someone’s budget but I heard the sunset beach resort that I am staying at offers Dorm stay for only P300. I got my cottage for way more than that. Well not being picky but I prefer to call this short vacation as my early birthday gift for myself.

Food may range from less than a hundred to a few hundreds. But a few hundreds will definitely get you a decent meal. My personal choice for eating is at Kusina del Barrio, they offer a decent variety of dishes and their breakfast sets are big enough to satisfy a large appetite.

Pics from Kusina del Barrio:

Pic from inside Kusina del Barrio


I tried other resturants, Big Mama’s Tapas and Burgers is not as good as I thought it would be, I like the idea of homemade buns and thick burger patties that is why I gave in even the price was about $5 USD. I was frustrated though, the bread’s yeast did not “proof” well which made the it feel sandy and hard. And the service isn’t the best, I guess they favored “white” guests over Asians.

Sorry, but my opinions are based from a personal experience.

The PAELLA restaurant did not serve paella. They cook the paella in a wok and tasted like fried rice. If you have been in Thailand, the paella tasted like Kao Pad Goong or Kao Pad Taley, I love Kao Pads but not when I expect a paella for $7.

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The make your own wok beside the burger place does look like it offers great wok dishes, I expected Cantonese or Shanghainese style. But that is just me, looks can be deceiving, instead my red rice “fried rice” tasted well – too salty and its only has a few strips of chicken and some cabbage. I have never encountered this dish elsewhere. But who knows, our palettes are diverse.

3. Island Hopping

Well I just booked an island hopping tour tomorrow. I wanted to do it today but I had a bad stomach since last night, I threw up several times and what is coming out “down there” does not really look nice. I am afraid it must be the ice they use for shakes and other drinks, so refrain from getting refreshments unless they can guarantee that the water used to make ice is purified or distilled.

Island hopping to see 4 islands costs $12 USD, for a shared boat. I can’t wait! I will talk more about it tomorrow.

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