5 Things to Do in Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines

Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines is a premier tourist destination in Asia. Sounding too much like a travel brochure? Yeah, I know. I cannot get my head wrapped around the idea of a travel blog for my lovely hometown. That is not because my writing prowess are dwindling, just that my brain functions are still devoted to another startup blog I launched a few months ago.

In my own words it’s simply a paradise. Not because I was born here and surrounded by friends. In fact, that is very questionable. But that is a different story.

The island has been getting global attention both from backpackers and luxury travelers. Well I think it deserves more attention. That is the reason for this blog, to contribute more information about Palawan.

Puerto Princesa Palawan will most likely be your first stop, no brainer, it is because the airport is here. From here on you can travel around the whole island of Palawan. But wait!

When you are in Puerto Princesa Palawan, try to do the following:

1.      Visit the Underground River

St. Paul Subterranean river is the pride of the Philippines. Actually in the broader sense, pride of the world. Listed as one of the seven wonders of nature. Let me pull up the list:


The Underground River became one of the primary destinations in the southeast. This might be the reason you arrived in the place. Why see the Underground River? It is amazing!

Just a quick overview, but my words will definitely be unable to bring justice to the beauty you will discover upon your visit.

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The Subterranean River and National Park is about 50 km, north from the town’s proper. It is a limestone karst mountain with abundant flora and fauna. The main feature is the 8.2 km underground river within the mountain that flows out directly to the South China Sea. Within the cave you will see amazing stalactites and stalagmites formations.

Watch this YouTube Video from Hour Philippines TV. To give you a preview.

I would recommend booking with a tour agency to go to the Underground River. Php1,100 to Php1,500 per person. That is about US$ 24 to US$ 32. This includes the whole day tour, including your lunch.

2.      Honda Bay Island Hopping

Scattered within the Honda Bay are smaller islands. You can choose the tour you like and see not only one but a few islands if you start early in the morning. The islands have fine white sand and boasts some great spots for snorkeling. Each island is quite unique to the next. Besides what I mentioned, snorkeling, you can try banana boat rides and other sand and sun activities. If you prefer to just to sit and feel the warm sun against your skin while drinking a beer or soda you can do that too.

The water is amazing, you will find spots that are just great for swimming and diving. However, day tours cannot accommodate scuba diving. Click here if you are interested in that.



Day tour prices varies depending on the number of islands that you want to visit. You can usually just arrive at the Sta. Lourdes Pier and choose which ones you are interested in. There is a City Tourism desk you can inquire from. Click here if you have any questions about this tour, I would try my best to get the answers to you the best time possible.

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3.      Diving

The whole island of Palawan offers the best dive spots. Puerto Princesa is rich in Marine Life and you are most likely to have an encounter with amazing marine animals like turtles, rays. manatees and sometimes with a whale shark. Dive sites in Puerto Princesa range in depth of six meters to over 30 meters offering a great adventure both for beginners and advance divers. Diving in Puerto Princesa Palawan is a MUST do.



4.      City Tour

You can easily find an inexpensive tour from a tour agency and they will take you from various historical and scenic places around town. The city proper is the center for business trades, so there is not much to see. Nonetheless, it is just a few minutes away from mountains, beaches and historical landmarks of the province.



5.      Ugong Rock Adventures

Usually already included or can be included with your Underground River itinerary. Climb the karst mountain and if you have the heart for it, zipline your way down. I didn’t have the heart for it though when I went.

Even if your Underground River Itinerary includes this, the fee is separate.



These are just among the almost endless list of activities you can do in Puerto Princesa Palawan. Click here to learn more about Puerto Princesa and browse through destinations in detail.

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