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I don’t understand why so many visitors of The Underground River do not consider staying at Sabang for a few days. It’s very common to just go on a guided day tour and see the underground river cave and immediately leave going back to the city center of Puerto Princesa.

Sabang offers a lot of activities, and there are plenty of accommodations around as well. Among the activities that you may miss if you go on a day trip is the Sabang Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour.

If you are on a day tour to the Underground River, you may ask your tour guide if it is possible to squeeze you in Sabang Mangrove Paddleboat Tour.

The tour costs only P350, that is about US$7.31. It is worth it.

Importance of Mangroves

Mangrove forests are a vital part of the ecosystem. Mangroves are home to very diverse species of shrimp, mollusks and fish. Mangrove forests serves as the nursery for a wide variety of fish that serves as food for coastal communities globally.

The main goal of the Sabang Mangrove Paddleboat Tour is to actually raise awareness on the environmental effect of the disappearing mangrove forests.

Due to the economic demands and industrialization of the coast lines in the country the importance of mangrove forests is not really given much importance. You will learn a lot about the importance of mangroves while on Sabang Mangrove Paddleboat Tour.


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Important Reminders

It is important that you always remember to keep your voice down and do not make noises that may disturb the wildlife. There are a lot of animals that no longer breeds and abandon their homes once they are disturbed by humans.

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Please do not give your guides a hard time, remain seated with both your feet on the boat. This is not a party. Also ensure that your life vest is securely strapped. Not that there is something dangerous that might happen. It is just that your guides need to follow protocol for safety of everyone.

Littering is strictly prohibited. Actually it is prohibited everywhere in the city even outside protected areas like the mangroves. Help preserve the environment.

Leave the plants and animals be. You are not allowed to take whatever you feel like taking. Again, this is not a party or an event that you expect a souvenir afterwards. Snap all the photos you want, but when you leave, leave everything where they were.


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If you are lucky, depending on the day, you will find monkeys hanging on branches in the wild. Snakes and other reptiles and some other interesting creatures at their natural habitat.

It is different if you are into birding, as birders have keen eye and ears for birds. You will notice a lot of birds that are quite rare.


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Is it worth the time?

Sabang Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour is truly worth the time and money. You will discover a lot of interesting facts surrounding the famous Underground River and also spark the environmentalist in you. If you truly want to get the best out of your Underground River Tour experience, don’t miss Sabang Mangrove Paddle Boat Tour.

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