The Silent Town of Port Barton, Palawan – Worth It!

Finally decided to come out of my shell and step out of my comfort zone. I feel bad for having setup this blog about Palawan but not regularly updated. I feel even guilty that the Facebook Page for this blog has been getting likes over the past few months. I am not complaining. Needless to say, I am however not proud.

After dating a Finn who stayed in Port Barton who make trips to Puerto Princesa just to see me, I decided to visit the place on my own. Here’s the deal about not going with him.

Do you know how it feels when you are an Asian woman with a white guy traveling tourist destinations? I bet not if you are a man, or if you are not Asian. All my long-term relationships were with foreign man, note though that it is because of preference. I am not against anything here, neither am I ranting. Simply put that the reason I did not go with the Finn was because, I am tired of being thought of as the “girlfriend” who can travel because of the guy.

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Seriously though, it may not be the day to day case of all Caucasian + Asian. But I did have my fair share of rumors, glances and stares. I want to be solo, for many reasons, but mainly because I want to spend my own money and experience the freedom without having to fit in a box.

Before this becomes a post about heartaches and pains. Let me take you back to Port Barton.

3 hours north of Puerto Princesa for only P350 or about $7 US, you have a chance to spend a few days of calm. The town isn’t touristic an developed. As I type this a few groups of foreigners just passed by my cottage which makes me wonder if I should take back the previous statement. Well I won’t take it back, compared to El Nido, this is much more relaxed while travelers come and go, the number is still relatively fewer.

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If you ask me, Port Barton is not just for sightseeing, the small town gives you an opportunity to know the local life, since there are no public transport to move around with, you are offered a taste of Barrio Living in Palawan.

I arrived 4:30 yesterday and was shocked when told that electricity is only 6PM until midnight. Not really super shocked but I was expecting 5PM at least up to 1AM. I needed to work, but that is easily resolved by power bank and good laptop battery. Which gave me enough time to write a few articles this morning and luckily enough battery to finish this post.

The network signal is also a bit of a challenge, the free WiFi offered by the resort is only available when the power is on, so I have to tether from my phone since my smart dongle does not really work. Note: choose to have a Globe simcard, fortunately I bought one for P45 before leaving Puerto Princesa.

This is it for now, it’s only officially my first day, I will blog more about Port Barton as I explore it in the coming days.

Again, sorry guys if you are following Palawan Blogger and getting bored with the content. I promise this is the beginning of the many posts I intend to publish.

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