The RANT of August

On Palawan Articles and My Perpetual Predicament in Writing a Travel Blog

Besides Palawan Blogger, I write about SEO, Content Marketing and other geeky web stuff that only internet search marketers would understand. I have a perpetual voice in my head saying that I cannot write a travel blog. I don’t know if I truly suck, but I noticed Google doesn’t care much about the strength of blogs it displays on the first page of organic search results.

I’ve read an article with a very questionable information about the island of Palawan. No links shall be mentioned here, who knows if the person who wrote that is my neighbor or a friend. But I wish to tell everyone who must have stumbled upon that website that Palawan is not half desert. That link gained #2 spot on SERP, Search Engine Rank Page for the keyword “Palawan”. What happened to Google’s Panda, Hummingbird and Penguin algorithm updates? The keyword stuffing is just too much on that page if you ask me. Anyway let us not question Google. I bet that website gets a lot of backlinks from authority domains. That I don’t understand as well but they were left with no choice but to link to that Search Engine junk food. To end my rant about this article I found, it ranks higher than the entry of Huffington Post about Palawan. Thank you gods and goddesses of search, you gave me an algorithm problem to be solved. I am not bitter, Palawan Blogger is new and rankings on search engine is not in my priority right now. At least not in 2016.

The great articles online about Palawan

The great articles I found online about Palawan that talks beyond obvious internet marketing scheme to get people book a tour are written by — well,— tourists. Those are the articles and blog posts that have substance beyond tourism. It was kind of weird when you read the concerns of environmental damage coming from foreigners. It makes me a prouder Palaweño to read genuine praises of Palawan’s beauty from them.

I guess not everyone have the time to write about Palawan if it cannot be monetized. I have the time so I am volunteering for now and hoping these efforts continue and not another of my startup that dissolves in the matrix of the great web.

Don’t get me wrong, I did stumble upon plenty of blogs about Palawan written by local people whose names I have heard of before. They have an editorial approach to their blogs, which is nice and I hope they post more often rather than once or twice monthly. With our joint efforts, we might be able to take down the rubbish articles about Palawan floating in the worldwide web. Just maybe.

My articles are also rubbish

Ask me to write something about marketing and other geeky related stuff. I’d hand you a couple of drafts in an hour or so. When I read my posts in Palawan Blogger, I don’t like the sound of it. I don’t feel it compared to when I write tips and tricks on improving small businesses’ online presence. It is challenging for me, and I hope that you guys forgive me for now. I promise to improve and get more information to create compelling content for this blogsite.

I feel compelled to write this post as an apology for weak content

Must be because I am over expecting for a desirable output that hasn’t yet hit me. “Possess me oh travel writing muses passing!”

Yet on second thought, should Palawan Blogger be confined to the idea of a digital travel magazine catering to Google bots and humans who might be interested to visit? I guess not. Palawan Blogger should be how I feel about Palawan, things I wish to write about, things that I hope not to fall on deaf ears. Some may be funny, some maybe an experience worth sharing, some sad moments and some well, like this one, just ranting on random stuff.

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