Ugong Rock Adventures – Worth It or Not?

Ugong Rock is usually a stop-over when going to The Underground River. It is a 75 feet limestone formation great for a short cave exploration.

It is not inclusive in the tour packages for underground river though, you need to pay an extra P200 for entrance fee and another P250 – P350 if you wish to experience ziplining. You can walk down the trail though if you aren’t up for the adrenaline rush.


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Is it worth it?

I would say yes. The short adventure is worth the experience. The entrance fee paid when visiting the Ugong Rock is in a way to help the local community to generate income through tourism.

If you decide to visit Ugong Rock outside the Underground River tour package, tour agencies usually charge 650 pesos per head. This may change, will try to give you updated rates depending on the season, please click here to inquire.

If your prime interest is the Underground River visit, you may tell your tour guide that you are not interested and you actually do not have to pay the entrance fee.


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Why it is not worth it for other people?

In comparison to the majestic Underground River it is rather bland. The short trekking may appear to be a hassle for those who are not prepared to hike. There will be a little steep climb, for those not interested in such an adventure it might seem like submitting yourself to something that requires effort.


Also, if you aren’t really geared up or not wearing trekking footwear, it can be a little too much. Depending on the weather, it can either be slippery. So prepare. Not to worry though because they have guides who will help you through. You’d even be delighted to hear some facts about Ugong Rock.

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Well it is not an exciting tour destination of itself, while it can be a fun short outdoor adventure. The main attraction is really the zipline which gives people a chance to glide above the rice fields surrounding the rock formation.

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