Things to Know About Underground River Puerto Princesa Tour Rates


The reason it is better to get a guided tour to the Underground River Puerto Princesa compared to going there yourself is to save you time and hassle in transport.

Tour packages cost 1800 Pesos per person. Roughly about US$37.92 (rates as of Sept. 2016). That isn’t really bad given that getting a guided tour is already inclusive of the following:

1.    Land Transfer by Van (to and from)

The Underground River Puerto Princesa is located in Sitio Sabang, Northwest from the City Center. The land travel takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours. Guided tour from the agencies will take you to and from Sabang saving you all the hassles of commute.

2.    Boat Transfer

To get to the Underground River Puerto Princesa (cave), you will take a short boat trip because the St. Paul Range where the famous cave is. You may get there by foot through the “monkey trail” but it isn’t really advisable if you are on a day tour because of time limitations.

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3.    Lunch Included

Tour agencies will have a buffet lunch ready at the Sabang beach for their guests. They have a wide selection of food that will appeal both vegetarians, meat and seafood lovers.

4.    Permits Will Be Taken Care Of

A permit to enter the cave needs to be secured at the Underground River Puerto Princesa park management office. Nonetheless, when going on a guided tour, all of these will be handled by your chosen agency and fees are already included in the tour package.

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5.    Services of a Licensed Tour Guide

Your assigned tour guide will be responsible for your safety and hassle-free visit to the Underground River Puerto Princesa. They will ensure that everything goes as smooth and fun as possible.

Tour guides in Puerto Princesa are under the watch of the City Tourism Office to ensure that you are not being ripped off or offered inaccurate transactions.

Take Away

Some tourists who prefer to visit the Underground River Puerto Princesa without going through an agency eventually have to pay more for transport services and go through the hassles of securing their own cave entry permits. To save you from the troubles, it is more advisable to just book a tour through an agency.

If you have visited the Underground River Puerto Princesa in the past, please feel free to share a bit of your experience in the comment section below. If you are planning a visit and wish to know more about the majestic island of Palawan and have some questions not found in our blog posts, please feel free to contact us.

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